Golden Raisins:

Golden raisin is a type of dried fruit made from fresh grapes. To prepare golden raisins, fresh grapes are completely dried to reduce their moisture content and turn the natural sugar in them into sugar. Due to the drying process, the volume of the grapes decreases and the raisins have a darker and sweeter color than fresh grapes.
Golden raisins are commonly used as a popular dried food. It can be eaten alone or used as an additive in desserts, cakes, breads and salads. Also, golden raisins can be used as a main ingredient in preparing stews and dried foods.Golden raisins also have nutritional benefits. It contains significant amounts of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals such as potassium. Also, golden raisins are low in fat and cholesterol free.

Golden Raisins

Green Raisins:

Green raisins are a very nutritious food and snack, which is full of useful and effective substances for body growth. In addition to the pleasant taste, the properties of green raisins are not hidden to anyone. This type of raisin is produced by drying a special type of grape by cold emulsion method.
Green raisin is very soft and it is easy to use for young people and old people.
Green raisins are used in snacks as well as for flavoring and decorating some food items such as sweets and cakes. The most consumption of this product is raw and with nuts. One of the most important benefits of green raisins is that it has free and harmless sugar. For this reason, green raisins can replace sugar for those suffering from diabetes. Most of the ingredients of this product are vitamins and minerals, and there are almost no harmful substances in it.