Hayward kiwi:

Renowned for its delightful flavor and vibrant green flesh, the Hayward kiwi is a global favorite. Cultivated extensively for both home gardens and commercial production, this vigorous vine thrives in warm climates with well-drained soil. A female variety, Hayward kiwifruit requires a male pollinator for fruit production. Typically planted at a ratio of eight females to one male, this ensures optimal yields of the kiwi we all know and love.

Hayward kiwifruit boasts a unique appearance. Unlike its close cousin, the golden kiwi, Hayward’s exterior is covered in a fuzzy brown coat. However, beneath this lies a treasure trove of flavor. The emerald green flesh is juicy and bursting with a sweet-tart tang. Rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, Hayward kiwifruit is a delicious and nutritious addition to any diet.

Hayward Kiwi